Badge Reader Locations

The following locations have badge readers for any hourly employee (classified staff and students) to clock in and out.

On-Campus Badge Readers
Device # Departments Building Location
1791 Payroll Test Roudebush Payroll Office backroom
3102 PFD Shops Cole Maintenance Bay Locksmith
3015 HDRBS Dining Marcum Conference Center Receiving Area
3106 HDRBS Dining Culinary Support Center Break Room
3108 PFD Shops Cole Motorpool Tool Crib Pillar
3111 HDRBS Dining Erickson Manager's Office
3116 Rec Sports Goggin Outside Skate Shop
3118 HDRBS Dining Martin Kitchen Room 109 Upstairs
3122 PFD Shops Millett Outside Room 107 Hallway
3125 PFD Shops Yager Outside Room 244 Hallway
3126 HDRBS Dining Bell Tower Place Manager's Office
3133 PFD North and HDRBS Farmer School of Business Dividends 1033 Northwest Entrance
3140 PFD and HDRBS King Library King Cafe Hallway behind Cafe
3141 PFD North McGuffey Outside Room 112 Hallway
3143 PFD South Nellie Craig Walker Hall Outside Room 22 Hallway
3149 HDRBS Dining Shriver Center Kitchen Receiving Hallway
3153 HDRBS Dining Armstrong Student Center Outside Room 1025
3154 HDRBS Dining Harris Manager's Office
3161 HDRBS Dining Maple Manager's Office
3164 HDRBS Dining Western Dining Hall Manager's Office
3170 PFD Shops Steam Plant Breakroom
3171 PFD Shops Western Maintenance Manager's Office
3173 PFD South Middletown Campus PFD Loading Dock and Johnston
3182 Rec Sports Recreational Sports Center Main Office
3188 HDRBS Dining MacCracken Market Kitchen Area
3189 - - Hamilton Campus