TimeClock Plus (TCP)

As a classified hourly employee, you are required to accurately record the hours you work using TimeClock Plus automated time-entry system. If edits to your TCP record are necessary please request edits in writing to your supervisor. This system is available via the Web/Mobile App or at badge reader locations in your building. For more information regarding this system, please contact your supervisor or Human Resources

Employee and Approver Guides

How can I clock in/out of TCP?

There are three ways to clock in and out in TCP

  • Using a browser on your computer. This can be done on any browser except for Safari.
  • Using the TCP mobile App. See instructions on downloading and setting up the app.
  • Using badge readers by tapping your ID Card.  The locations of badge readers will remain in the same locations as they are today.
  • NOTE: In TCP, you will not be able to clock in using a Cisco phone.