IT Services introduces changes to Test Scoring process

by Randy Hollowell, IT Services

Over the summer IT Services upgraded the test scoring hardware, software, and process to better meet the needs of our faculty and students. The change was required due to the fact the antiquated system Miami had been using no longer had available support.

Test scoring machine and sample Scantron test sheetThere are several CRITICAL aspects to be aware of with the new system:

  • Test key forms must have all zeroes marked in the UniqueID area
    • A line through the zeroes will no longer be read by the machine
  • If using a scramble with a test, you must include separate key forms
    • The old scramble table is no longer valid
    • Each key must include the corresponding form number
  • Students are required to include their UniqueID on the test form
    • The system will NOT grade a test without it
    • Any form without a UniqueID, or that has an incorrect UniqueID, will have to be manually scored by the instructor
  • Tests must be completed using black or blue pens or #2 pencils
    • Other types of ink/lead may not be read by the machine
  • There will no longer be any paper reports returned with the exams
    • A file will be emailed to faculty that will include similar information
    • Faculty will have the option to print all the reports and information if desired
    • Please visit the Records and Retention website for information about Miami records retention policies

Here are the highlights of what did not change:

  • IT Services will continue to do the physical scanning
  • Test forms will continue to be available through the Campus Bookstore
  • Faculty reports will basically be the same as those previously used
  • We will continue to provide the same spreadsheet format to upload grades into Canvas
  • Scanned test results will continue to be sent via email

Here are some things that are different with the new system:

  • Reports will look slightly different, but still, include the relevant information 
  • Faculty can choose to save the reports as a PDF and retain for their records 
  • Faculty will have the ability to email students their scores instead of printing
  • Some additional reports are available through the new system

As a precautionary measure, the old system will be run in parallel with the new until October 1. For more information about test scoring at Miami, please visit If you have additional questions, please send an email to