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Miami University is required to retain documents until they have met their required retention period. Department's should review their records and follow the document disposal process once a record has met its retention period. 

Employees that are responsible for University records must complete a "Request for Records Disposal" form prior to scheduling a request for Physical Facilities to pick-up the records for shredding. The Office of General Counsel will review the request and verify that it has met the required retention. The Employee that submitted the request will receive an email notifying the Employee if the request has been approved or denied. 

If the request is approved, the Employee must print the approval and tape it to the boxes that will be picked-up for shredding. The Employee will then submit a request to Physical Facilities for the boxes to be taken for secured destruction. 


Request for Records Disposal


Records Retention Schedule 


Email as a Record (PDF 128KB)

Request to Revise or Adopt a New Retention Period

For related questions, please contact Aimee Smart, Office of General Counsel.

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