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April 22

Beyond the Office

Over the past month, we've had the opportunity to step outside of the office and have some fun with the Miami community. We partnered with Dr. Stephanie Danker and her art education students to get ready for the upcoming Electric Root Festival. We also participated in Unit Presentations, and had some friendly competition at the renewed Fire & Ice Chili Challenge!

We love having the opportunity to step away from the screens and get out and see what's going on. It allows us the opportunity to connect with others outside of the department and those within IT that we don't see as often. 

You can read more about our out-of-office adventures here

Systems to be Decommissioned in Replace of Workday

With our implementation of the Workday Platform, there are many systems that will be decommissioned and replaced by Workday. The systems listed below are being replaced by Workday Platform functionality and will no longer be used after July 1, 2024 when the platform launches. 

Click here for more information and a list of all the systems being decommissioned.

Thank you for everyone's patience and cooperation as we put forth the Workday Platform.

Google Update-Storage Quotas: Who You Are and What You Get

With Google's new policies on the storage available to Miami University and other schools, there will now be storage quotas effective after the end of the Spring 2024 semester. Examples of these quotas are:

  • Undergraduate Students: 500GB
  • Graduate Students: 500GB
  • Faculty: 800GB
  • Staff: 500GB
  • Former Students: 0
  • Accepted Students: 0

If you are using more than your allotted storage, you will need to delete unnecessary documents and photos from your Miami Google Drive before the end of the semester. It's important to know that if you are still using more than your quota after this time, you will still retain the ability to view your files and move them out of your Drive, but you will no longer be able to edit or add files to it. 

For more information and a detailed list of all the new quotas, click here

MiTech Surveys

MiTech tech support is now being moved to IT Services, with a new walk-up assistance center. While there will be no more computer sales, we will be there for software assistance, hardware repairs, and loaner laptops.

Your feedback matters and to help us understand your tech needs, we ask you to take this quick survey! It is short and simple, helping to shape future tech support at Miami. We have a survey for both students and faculty/staff to take.

Students who take the survey will be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card! The winner will be chosen after the survey closes on Saturday, 27 May, 2024.

Have questions or need assistance? Reach out to Bob Black, Director of IT Process and Planning in IT Services at