Storage Quotas: Who You Are and What You Get

Here, you will find a list of University roles and how much storage will be available to you after Spring 2024.

You may find how much storage you are using here:

Please note that if you are using more than the allotted storage for your primary role, you will need to delete unnecessary documents and photos from your Miami Google Drive before the end of the Spring 2024 semester.

If you are still using more than your quota after this time, you will no longer be able to edit files or add files to your Drive. You will retain the ability to view your files and will still be able to move files out of Drive.

  • Undergraduate Students: 500GB
  • Graduate Students: 500GB
  • Life Long Learners: 50GB
  • Faculty: 800GB
  • Staff: 500GB
  • Courtesy Accounts: 500GB
  • Entity Accounts: 200GB
  • Organizations: 100GB
  • Retirees: 500GB
  • Emeriti: 500GB
  • Former Students: 0
  • Accepted Students: 0

Former students, including alumni, will be receiving separate communication about the discontinuation of Lifetime Email and the Google services associated with that (i.e., Drive, Photos). If you believe this pertains to you, please be on the lookout for further information.