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FRED is here
fred1.jpgFRED has taken up residence in Joe Bazeley’s office on the third floor of Hoyt Hall. FRED? Who is FRED?
Cybersecurity tips
The best aid you have for preventing cyber issues is knowledge.
April 10 deadline to submit paperwork for tax-free, interest-free Apple products
April 14, 2017, is Tax-free Day on Apple products exclusively at the bookstore.
Tools and tips for using Google more efficiently
— Google is always striving to create new and better ways to help you store and organize your information. With that in mind, here are a couple of tools you might find interesting to try out.
ERP Replacement
banner-logo.pngWe have done lots of upgrades since Banner was introduced in 1998. Why is this upgrade different?
Taxes and Two-Factor
taxes-graphic.jpegTime for a refresher course on a security feature that protects Miami's electronic W2 forms: Two-Factor Authentication.
IT, CEC, and Research Visit Miami Tribe
staff-visit-miami-tribe.jpegMyaamia Center staff and IT Services discuss technology challenges.
ShredFest 2017: Annual Housekeeping Event Returns
shredfest-2017.jpegStart thinking about spring cleaning!
Info Sec: Don't Say "Yes"
scam-alert.jpegAccording to CNET, your "yes" could be used to sign you up for a service you didn't ask for.