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Email phishing message claims Office 365 accounts will be deleted
The information security team has received numerous reports that a fraudulent email message about Office 365 accounts has been circulating.
Dates set for ShredFest 2023
The dates have been finalized for ShredFest 2023, so make sure you have them in your calendar.
Update on LastPass breach and recommendations
Months ago, LastPass password management tool suffered a breach that involves user data. The Information Security Office is aware of this situation and is thus making several immediate recommendations.
New subject line warning on emails to begin January 30
Starting on January 30, IT Services will be implementing a new compliance rule in Google that will tag the subject line of incoming emails sent from a email address that fails the DMARC compliance check.
Identity and Access Management Program: Phase 1 heading for the finish line
It's a new calendar year, and that means it's time for an update on our Identity and Access Management Program.
Out of the breach: Protect your data in 2023
What can regular consumers of the internet do to prevent data breaches? What happens when your credentials are compromised in a breach?
It's on all of us: Introducing CrowdStrike Falcon
In service to the shared responsibility of keeping our community safe, Miami is joining the ranks of other universities around the country in implementing endpoint protection to bolster our cybersecurity posture against threats like ransomware.
ISO Profile: Patrick Hawk
Patrick Hawk is the latest addition to the Information Security Office. Let's get to know him!
Don't get spooked by cybercrime: 5 quick tips for a cybersecure Halloween
Let's a look at how you can be even more cybersecure -- this month and all months that follow!