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From the ISO: Update your Apple devices now
The Information Security Office highly recommends that Apple device users in the Miami community update their devices to the latest version.
Information Security Alert: Email phishing message claims your mailbox settings are out of date
The Information Security Office has received reports that a fraudulent email message about mailbox storage settings has been circulating.
Summer 2023 Update: Top IT Initiatives
IT Services has been busy making progress on our main objectives for this year.
Top 4 strategies and tools for the fight against malware
Let's take a look at some key steps that can make your online experience safer and keep your computer free from the grips of dangerous malware.
Security corner: The latest from the ISO
The information security team has received numerous reports about several emails going around this week. Let's take a look at a few of them.
ShredFest 2023 Highlighted by Large Community Support
A total of 115 people attended this yearÂ’s ShredFest, where over 11,000 pounds of paper to be shredded was collected.
CrowdStrike Victorious: A big win for the Miami community
After several months of coordination and careful execution, we are happy to announce that CrowdStrike Falcon has been successfully deployed at Miami.
ShredFest 2023 is Happening Next Week
ShredFest 2023 is taking place next week. Please plan on joining us at any of the three locations.
Email phishing message claims Office 365 accounts will be deleted
The information security team has once again received numerous reports that a fraudulent email message about Office 365 accounts has been circulating.