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Be aware of a new scam involving DocuSign requests
The Information Security Office has received reports that some Miami staff have received a new phishing message through the DocuSign application.
ShredFest 2024 is Ready to Go
ShredFest 2024 kicks off on Monday, May 13, and concludes in Oxford on Thursday, May 16.
Recent phishing scams: Google Docs and QR codes
Please read carefully and remember: Stay vigilant!
Email Scam Soliciting Presentation Speakers
The Information Security Office has received numerous reports that a series of fraudulent email messages asking for presentation/lecture speakers have been circulating.
March IAM Update: Secret questions, RapidIdentity, and Miami accounts
In the interest of making sure we're prioritizing the security of our data, we are taking this into account: Our new system will not allow you to use a secret question as one of your recovery options.
Email Scam Soliciting Internship Openings
Miami's information security team has received numerous reports that a series of fraudulent email messages about student internship positions have been circulating.
Fake Resumes Via Word Files Disguising LockBit Ransomware
The information and security team has been made aware of recent security attacks sent via email with fake resumes attached to them. Learn what these attacks are and how to avoid them.
RapidIdentity Go-Live Sneak Peek
Here are some sneak peeks that you can expect to experience as we transition to the new IGA tool.
Upcoming: DMARC compliance enforcement
Do you ever send more than 5,000 emails per day to recipients outside the Miami domain (i.e., to or addresses)? If so, this notice is for you!