Dave Woods, Ph.D., Experimental High-Energy Physics

Dave Woods

Associate Professor


Hamilton Campus, 301 Mosler Hall

Teaching and Interests

Dave has a PhD in Physics from the University of Minnesota. His PhD work involved extensive use of computing for experimental simulation and analysis of a data set containing over 1.3 billion events. Dave has extensive experience as an IT professional including work as a consultant leading implementations, modifications and upgrades of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software in financial, retail, and healthcare environments. Dave has also work in the IT organization at TriHealth and Miami University.

Dave has taught CIT 158, CIT 262/CSE 262, and CSE 274.

Dave's scholarship focuses on student learning, especially through the use of technology, and the importance of IT strategy and communication for all IT professionals. Dave recently won the Best Paper of the 2014 Conference award at the Information Systems Educators Conference (ISECON) for a paper co-authored with Lizz Howard titled “An IT Strategy Course: Why and How".