Barbara Oswald

Barbara Oswald

Associate Professor

574 Mosler Hall


  • National Institution of Environmental and Health Sciences (NIEHS) Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Duke University, Department of Psychiatry, Durham, NC
  • Ph.D., Experimental Psychology/Behavioral Pharmacology, Department of Psychology, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
  • M.A., Experimental Psychology/Behavioral Pharmacology, Department of Psychology, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH
  • B.A., Psychology, Department of Psychology, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

Recent Courses Taught

  • PSY 111: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 112: Foundational Experiences in Psychology
  • PSY 251: Introduction to Biosychology
  • PSS 312: Drugs and Behavior
  • PSS 315: Learning, Memory, and Behavior
  • PSY 294: Writing and Research Methods
  • PSS 401: Capstone in Psychological Science (Topic: Psychophysiology)

Research Interests

Neurobiology of learning, memory, and addiction
The scholarship of teaching and learning

Representative Publications 

*undergraduate student

*Herrle, S., & Oswald, B. B. (submitted). Positive emotion correlates with higher heartrate variability in healthy college students.  The Journal of Psychology & Behavioral Sciences.

Dietz, B., & Oswald, B. B. (submitted). The effects of observation with and without technology on learning in introductory and advanced courses. The Journal of Educational Technology Systems (ETS)

Oswald, B. B., Ward, R.M., *Glazer, S., *Sternasty, K., *Day, K, & **Speed, S. (2020). Baseline cortisol predicts drunkorexia in female college students.  Journal of American College Health, DOI: 10.1080/07448481.2019.1705834

Oswald, B. B. (2019). Authentic Assessments for Biopsychology: Encouraging Learning and Retention by Applying Biopsychological Knowledge in Real-World Contexts. Society for the Teaching of Psychology Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology:

Oswald, B. B., Walton, A. J., Campbell, D. G., & Seufert, R. L. (2019).  Coordinating veterans services on campus can increase satisfaction in student veterans.  Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, 30(2), 29-54

Oswald, B.B., Beck, K., Fernandez, G., Raker, E., & Sciaccotta, F. (2019). Effects of drug-ethanol combinations on ethanol self-administration, motor coordination, and cognition in C57BL/6J mice. Psychology & Neuroscience, 12(1), 119-139

Ward, R. M., Oswald, B. B., & **Galante, M. (2016). Prescription stimulant misuse, alcohol use, and disordered eating among college students.   Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 60(2), 59-80.

Oswald, B. B. (2016).  A SWOT analysis and outcomes assessment of a student-driven learning center for psychology on a regional campus.  AURCO, The Association for Regional Campuses of Ohio, 15, 179-201.