About Us

Together, we serve the online students of Miami Regionals.

From staying on top of and monitoring compliance with federal, state, and quality assurance standards to helping new faculty learn how best to utilize Canvas tools in their teaching, the Regional E-Campus team is dedicated to the comprehensive growth and development of an E-Campus that provides the online learning opportunities Miami Regionals students need and want to advance their professional goals in a flexible format.

Leadership. Regional E-Campus is committed to strategic thinking, data-driven planning, innovation, and quality design, setting us apart from other institutions that offer online learning. Staying on top of ever-changing industry standards and 'best' practices in online learning is critical, necessary, not only to deliver high-quality educationally-rich learning opportunities, but also to stay relevant, competitive, and in demand.

Development. Regional E-Campus is steadfast in our unwavering commitment to superior programming, quality instructional design, and development of expertise in online learning. High standards and striving for excellence in all we do generates growth and advancement in direct support of our campus initiatives.

Service. Regional E-Campus is service oriented, offering exceptional support and assistance to students, faculty, staff, and campus departments in the delivery and support of online learning to create high quality learning opportunities for Miami Regionals students.

Collaborative. Our partnership with Miami Regionals colleagues is essential. Together, we will serve the online learning needs and interests of Miami Regionals students.

Welcome! We look forward to working with you.


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