Course Refresh

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Online/Hybrid Course Refresh

Prerequisite: Prerequisite: E1 (Orientation), Approved Course Design Application for an existing Miami online course having previously gone through approved Miami University online course development process.

The E3 course refresh session is scheduled when a current online course is ready for extensive updates or upgrades to instructional approach, content, technology, engagement, etc. On average, online classes should be reviewed every 3-years to determine if there are course elements that would benefit from a course review as technology tools change rapidly over time and the data collected from online student experience can provide data-driven information to improve student learning outcomes. A course refresh is a highly customized approach where the course author and instructional designer meet to review the course and identify the area(s) of focus for the refresh session. Depending on the area(s) identified, the session could be anywhere from 3 weeks - 8 weeks or more, depending on the scope and needs of course updates. The design refresh objective is to identify and implement timely course updates that support the continuous improvement of a compliant, accessible and high-quality course to advance online/hybrid instruction.

Each development cohort (Fall or Spring) takes approximately 8 weeks to complete.

Course Refresh Design Schedule
Course Refresh Design Schedule Course Refresh Approved Applications Due By Refresh Cohort Dates Complete Course Refresh - Ready for Peer Review
August: Course Refresh July 1 Planning: August - September (8 weeks) September 29
October: Course Refresh September 1 Planning: October - November (8 weeks) November 30
February: Course Refresh January 1 Planning: February - March (8 weeks) March 31
April: Course Refresh March 1 Planning: April - May (8 weeks) May 31

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