E2 Course Planning

Photo of women working at a desktop computer with red text that reads: Develop Online Courses with E-Campus

E2 - Online/Hybrid Course Planning

Prerequisite: E1 (Orientation) and Approved Course Planning Application

The E2 course planning development session is scheduled each time a course is approved for the transition to an online (or hybrid) delivery format. The faculty or staff course author will collaborate with the regional department colleagues and an experienced E-Campus instructional designer. Our E-Campus instructional designers partner weekly with course authors to utilize design standards and best practices in delivering online pedagogy to identify course learning outcomes, learning activities, interactions, technologies, and assessments.  The planning objective is to develop a comprehensive, high-quality course plan that is ready for design in the learning management system.

The development cohort (Fall, Spring, or Summer) takes approximately 8 weeks to complete.

E2 Course Planning Schedule
Course Development Schedule E2 Approved Applications Due By Planning Cohort Dates Complete Course Development Grids for E-Learning & Dept/Coord
August: E2 Course Planning July 1 Planning: August - September (8 weeks) September 29
October: E2 Course Planning September 1 Planning: October - November (8 weeks) November 30
February: E2 Course Planning January 1 Planning: February - March (8 weeks) March 31
April: E2 Course Planning March 1 Planning: April - May (8 weeks) May 31

Please email ecampushelp@miamioh.edu to request an E2 Course Planning Application.

Questions? Contact ecampushelp@miamioh.edu or 513.217.4003 to speak with our e-learning team.