E3 Course Design

Photo of women working at a desktop computer with red text that reads: Develop Online Courses with E-Campus

E3 - Online/Hybrid Course Design

Prerequisite: E1 (Orientation), E2 (Planning) and Approved Course Design Application

The E3 course design session is scheduled each time a course is approved for the transition to a hybrid or online delivery format.  The faculty or staff course author will collaborate with the regional department colleagues and an experienced E-Campus instructional designer to produce elements within the learning management system. The design objective is the implementation of a compliant, accessible and high-quality course that is ready for online/hybrid instruction.

The development cohort (Fall, Spring, or Summer) takes approximately 8 weeks to complete.

E3 Course Development Design Schedule
Course Development Design Schedule E3 Approved Applications Due By Design Cohort Dates Complete Course Design - Ready for Peer Review
August: E3 Course Planning July 1 Planning: August - September (8 weeks) September 29
October: E3 Course Planning September 1 Planning: October - November (8 weeks) November 30
February: E3 Course Planning January 1 Planning: February - March (8 weeks) March 31
April: E3 Course Planning March 1 Planning: April - May (8 weeks) May 31

Please email ecampushelp@miamioh.edu to request an E3 Course Design Application. Questions? Contact ecampushelp@miamioh.edu or 513.217.4003 to speak with our e-learning team.