Develop a Course

Photo of women working at a desktop computer with red text that reads: Develop Online Courses with E-Campus

Develop a Course

In an interest to serve the interests and demands of today’s college students that need access to learning in a flexible format, E-Campus is growing responsively to increase the number of programs and courses. You can be a part of that! By partnering with E-Campus to develop an online course, you are able to translate your professional teaching expertise and pedagogical knowledge into the online environment.

From interactive content and engaging videos to thought-provoking discussion boards and so much more, E-Campus is here to help bring the life and energy of your face-to-face courses with intentionally designed experiences within an online learning environment.

There are a few ways that you can become involved in online course development:

E2 Course Planning E3 Course Design Course Refresh E-Campus Peer Review Team 

If at any point you would like support or guidance while you are teaching a distance learning course, please connect with us!  We are here to help.