Faculty Resources 2020-2021

Prep for Fall 2020 Prep for Fall 2020

Faculty Resources 2020-2021

Miami University Regionals is committed to providing flexible learning options for all students. Recognizing that COVID-19 has had a profound impact on our ability to bring students and faculty together on campus, MUR is offering modified on-campus and ‘online’ course options for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The academic year will be different than any other we’ve experienced. Without really knowing what to expect, preparing courses for it presents unique challenges and opportunities. To help make things easier, we have developed resources for the different formats that will be offered in Fall 2020: HyFlex, Enhanced for Temporary Online Delivery (ETOD), and Hybrid courses.

Course Delivery Formats for Fall 2020

Curious about the terminology around the types of course delivery formats for Fall 2020? The graphic below provides a flowchart for determining which of the E-Campus resources will best fit your needs. Essentially, if your course has meetings on campus, it is HyFlex. If your course is completely virtual for Fall there are two options: Hybrid & ETOD. Hybrid courses are online but still hold virtual, synchronous class meetings. ETOD courses are completely asynchronous (including recorded lectures). 

Fall 2020 Course Delivery Resources

HyFlex Delivery

Drawing on components of the HyFlex model, on-campus courses offered at MUR in Fall 2020 will be designed to provide high flexibility for students and faculty by providing face-to-face and virtual learning options using Canvas and other campus systems.

Enhanced for Temporary Online Delivery (ETOD)

Courses normally taught on-campus that temporarily moved online for Fall 2020 will be designed to provide an entirely virtual learning experience. Students will connect with faculty, and course work, through Canvas and other campus systems asynchronously.

Hybrid Delivery

Another option for courses normally taught on-campus that have been moved to the virtual space for Fall 2020 are "Hybrid" courses. These will be designed to provide a completely virtual learning experience while keeping the aspect of synchronous delivery of lectures and class meetings.

We've Got Your Back

If at any point you would like support or guidance while you are teaching a distance learning course, please connect with us!  We are here to help.