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How-To: Use the Flipgrid Integration in Canvas
Flipgrid is a video discussion tool that provides an alternative method for facilitating group discussions in a supportive and engaging online social learning environment. This article will guide you through the steps to set up the Flipgrid integration in Canvas
How-To: Set Up Online Office Hours
Whether you are teaching synchronously or asynchronously, scheduling online office hours is just one way of ensuring you are visible and available to students throughout the semester. Learn more about using virtual conferencing tools to create opportunities for consistent and meaningful connection.
How-To: Show or Hide Courses in Canvas
Reduce visual clutter and clean up your Canvas Dashboard by selecting which courses to show or hide on the Courses Global Navigation menu.
How-To: Enable Course Navigation Items in Canvas
As an instructor, you may spend hours preparing your Canvas course(s) each semester. itÂ’s important your students are able to easily access and navigate your material. Learn how to adjust the links that appear in the left-hand navigation menu within your Canvas courses.
How-To: Extend Canvas Course Access for Fall 2020
This article explores the step-by-step instructions for extending Canvas Course Access.
Student How-To Guides: Participate in Zoom Breakout Rooms
Your instructor may utilize Zoom Breakout Rooms during your virtual lectures. This guide walks through what that experience is like for students, as well as the options available to you during your breakout session.
How-To: Restore Deleted Items in Canvas
Have you ever wished you could undo a mistake or bring back deleted items in your Canvas course? In this article, we will show you 3 features in Canvas that will allow you to do just that.
How-To: Access Attendance Reports in Webex and Zoom
Learn how to take attendance for virtual lectures and class meetings by downloading the attendance reports in Webex and Zoom.
How-To: Add Closed Captions to YouTube Videos
There are numerous reasons why you may need to share a video file you've created with your students. When creating and sharing your own video files, it is important for accessibility best practices that these videos are captioned with subtitles. YouTube does most of the captioning work for you using automatic transcription and can shave hours off of the captioning process.