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Miami Nursing Naming Opportunities

To create an innovative and state-of-the-art learning environment for our nursing students, we need your support to maintain cutting-edge technology and equipment in the Clinical Health Sciences and Wellness Building. Your generous contributions can help name and support offices, labs, and collaborative work areas, ensuring continuous upgrades and maintenance for an exceptional learning space.

There are four main categories of rooms available for naming opportunities:

Simulation Labs and Spaces (15)

Pediatric Simulation Lab

Room 2206

This space provides experiences that mirror real-life hospital situations treating infants and children.

Adult Simulation Lab

Room 2209

This space is for live actors trained to be standardized patients.There is no manikin in this room — Miami Theatre students will train to act as live patients with actual symptoms.

Nurses Provider Station

Room 2207

Designed for Nursing students to practice documentation skills training.

Medication Room

Room 2210

This is where students simulate use of medication and procedure carts, calculate medication dosages, and prepare intravenous fluids for administration.

Home Health Simulation Lab

Room 2211

Students learn how to provide care of patients outside of the hospital setting in this home simulation suite. This space contains a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living room to support students in learning how to care for patients in diverse settings.

Adult Inpatient Simulation Lab

Rooms 2212 / 2214

Patients in these labs are diversified in appearance and skin texture to provide as realistic scenarios as possible.

Operating Room /Trauma Room Simulation Lab

Room 2218

Set up to replicate what students will see in the operating room as well as in trauma cases.

ICU Simulation Lab

Room 2220

A high-fidelity manikin replicates a critical care scenario, providing intense and acute situations for students to experience.

Obstetrics Simulation Lab

Room 2225

Features an African American birthing manikin, that replicates the labor and delivery process. This space allows students to treat high acuity, low frequency obstetrical emergencies, including basic and complicated newborn care.

Monitor Control Room

Room 2219

Simulation staff members run the technological components of the simulations while faculty observe and evaluate students' clinical performance behind a two way mirror during the simulation experiences.

Multi-Bed Skills Lab

Rooms 3202 / 3204 / 3205

Simulates a hospital environment, with students having to care for multiple patients at once.

Debrief Rooms (4)

There are four debrief rooms used by the Nursing students, faculty, and staff. There is room for 8-10 in three of them (Rooms 2204, 2215, 2217), and 12 in 1 of them (Room 2216).

All of the Debrief rooms have chairs, a table, white board, and wall-mounted computer monitor. This is where students review videos from the simulation spaces and debrief with faculty on the students’ strengths and opportunities for improvement. 

Collaboration/Study Spaces

Open Collaboration Space

Room 2999C

This is a high visibility, quiet space for studying and reflection.

Study Space

Room 2106

Open Collaboration

Room 3154

This is the Interprofessional Lounge that is used for events and meetings. This is a phenomenal space that will see a lot of usage from students, faculty, staff and visitors. It has a beautiful view of the quad as well as Campus Avenue.

Open Study Room

Room 3203

Located close to the Multi-Bed Skills Lab, this room has a wonderful view of the courtyard area and quad, providing a calm space for study and reflection.

Office Spaces (32)

There are 32 offices in the building for nursing faculty and staff, including simulation and support staff members.

How to Support

If you are interested in any of these naming opportunities for nursing in the Clinical Health Sciences Building, please reach out to Jennifer Clark at or 513-785-3291.