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Miami University faculty can partner with E-Campus to further research in online learning in higher education by becoming E-Fellows.

Why Partner with E-Campus as an E-Fellow?

E-Campus wants to help Miami University Regionals’ faculty do what they do best. Even if you’ve been teaching for decades, we can introduce you to helpful tools, inspire you to try new things, and get you excited about teaching again. E-Campus isn’t just about technology; our experienced team is passionate about innovation in teaching and learning across modalities. This is further supported by facilitating scholarly activities in technology and online learning.

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E-Fellow Alumni Research

Miami University Regionals E-Fellow Alumni Testimonials

Barbara Oswald, Ph.D.

Barbara Oswald, Ph.D.

Tracey Hoffman, Ed.D., M.Ed.

Tracey Hoffman, Ed.D., M.Ed.

“The E-Fellowship program's support was amazingly helpful because I could call on Tom (Mays), or anybody else in the E-Fellow group, at any time to help me think through my authentic assessments, to give me a fresh pair of eyes, to get some comments and assistance in any time I needed. So, it was great to have that support system there to help me as I thought through developing these assessments.”

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“Since the Pre-K associate degree had recently gone fully online, this was the perfect time to research the impact of going from a face-to-face format to an online format. I was looking for an opportunity to do some research with a group of individuals who could support my ideas and help me to explore different aspects of social presence in online teacher preparation. [The fellowship program] supported me during the entire process; from the initial research design to the final draft of my article.”

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If you need support or guidance while teaching an online course, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.



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