Tips for Using Career Services and Professional Development

Students sitting in the Career Services suite on the Middletown campus.
Male talking to female at career fair
 Students talking to the career services booth at Middletown Fall Fest

Objectives of Career Services & Professional Development:

  • To support your efforts in reaching your career goals
  • To provide you with the tools needed to enter today’s competitive job market
  • To assist in the creation of a competitive resume, reflecting your experience and accomplishments
  • To improve your knowledge and understanding of the interview process, focusing on how to answer Behavior-Based Interview (BBI) questions as well as more traditional questions
  • To encourage your involvement in practical experiences, such as co-op and/or internship; to gain first-hand, professional work experience; and to help you explore and clarify your career options
  • To help you “connect” your college experience with your plans and goals for life after college
  • To refine your job search strategies, acknowledging the multitude of resources available for conducting a meaningful search (including LinkedIn)
  • To offer opportunities for you to interact with local employers, i.e., Job/Career Fairs and on-campus recruiting

Your Responsibility

In an effort to take full advantage of the listed objectives, you must do your part and assume responsibility for your engagement in this process. In particular you can help by doing the following:

  • Complete the on-line student registration form and schedule an appointment to meet with a Career Services professional by your second year. Meeting with our office early will help to create your career path and goals, as well as a strategy to meet them!
  • Keep in mind that Career Services & Professional Development cannot give you (or place you in) a job. Whether looking for a co-op, internship, or full-/part-time job, positions posted on our site are competitive, meaning they have qualifications and require a comprehensive resume and interview process. The upside to this is that you, the student, have the opportunity to choose an experience that will bring you closer to meeting your career goals.
  • Think about what you’d like to get from an appointment with a member of the Career Services & Professional Development staff. Often, what begins as a resume critique can quickly shift into interview prep and beyond. Our office is here to help with whatever career related issues you may have, but acknowledging what areas need the greatest attention will help you get the most out of your appointment time.
  • Most appointments will not result in concrete answers, and you should be prepared to do some homework. Career Services & Professional Development staff are here to offer useful advice and helpful resources, but it will be up to you to utilize this information. We are focusing on your career goals, so you must be willing to do the research and make the final decisions for yourself.
  • Realize that career development is a process. Much of what you will experience is meant to aid in the exploration and clarification of your career options. In some cases you will acknowledge that a career choice was the wrong fit, or that more skills are needed.  This is part of the process and will foster your career development.
  • Come back for multiple sessions. In the same way that career development is a process, the co-op/internship/job search does not end when you submit your resume. Nor will your career path be complete at the conclusion of your first internship. The services we offer are broad and are meant to support you throughout your college career.