Campus Care Program Aims to Increase Access to Mental Health Services

Campus Care logo over backdrop of Farmer School of Business

A new Student Counseling Service outreach program aims to give students increased access to mental health services this year.

The Campus Care program, launching this week, places counselors in locations around campus (e.g. King Library, Farmer School of Business) during designated hours.

“We’re excited for a new way to engage with students,” said John Ward, director of the student counseling service. “Campus Care allows us to reach students who may be hesitant to access mental health services through more traditional means.”

Through the program, students can consult with a trained mental health professional in a less formal and more convenient setting than an individual counseling appointment.

Student Involvement in Creating the Program

Student leaders from across campus have partnered closely on the design and implementation of the program.

“Seeking positive mental health does not have to be an intimidating, extensive process,” said Gaby Meissner, at-large member of Associated Student Government. “Say you need to talk to someone about what’s on your mind, but your family, friends, or professors aren’t the right outlet, or you just want to see if counseling or therapy is right for you. That’s what this program is about.”

“I’m excited about Campus Care,” said TJ Hunt, President of Miami’s Never Walk Alone organization. “It could really make students feel more comfortable about reaching out to a professional about mental health.”

Kira Thurston, president of the mental health organization Active Minds, added, “My hope is that the Campus Care program will help to reduce the stigma around counseling and lead to a healthier and more open conversation about mental health.”

Pilot Starts Small with Room to Grow

The program will start this fall with hours in King Library, the Armstrong Student Center, and the Farmer School of Business. “We’re starting with just three hours a week in the fall semester,” said Ward. “We’ll see how the pilot goes, and adjust from there.”

For hours, location, and FAQs, visit the Student Counseling Service website.