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Telebehavioral and/or In-person Appointments Available:

Telebehavioral appointments are available only to students currently residing in Ohio. 

Call 513-529-4634 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. for more information or to schedule an Initial Consultation appointment with an SCS counselor (telebehavioral health FAQs).

For students currently residing outside of Ohio:  Guidance on Connecting with Off-Campus Mental Health Resources.  

"Campus Care" Program

Campus Care is an option for students who want to consult with a trained mental health professional in a less formal and more convenient setting than a counseling appointment. 

Connecting with Off-Campus Mental Health Resources

Please check out our guidance on how to connect with off-campus mental health resources while away from campus.

Coping with Distress Caused by COVID-19

We care about you during this time of uncertainty. Student Couseling Service staff have compiled a Coping with COVID-19 resource page for you. Visit this page for information with tips on how to cope during this difficult time. 

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Hotline LogoVisit our suicide prevention page to access information about resources, how to help a friend, suicide warning signs, and other important information.