About Us

At times, everyone feels stressed, angry, depressed, anxious, or confused. Sometimes our interpersonal skills prevent us from expressing ourselves adequately. Sometimes, our values and goals conflict.

Confused? Suffering from low self-esteem? Not able to sleep, or sleeping too much? Maybe it's time to talk to a counselor. Don't be stuck in private despair. Make an appointment today.

Mission Statement

The Miami University Student Counseling Service provides primary (interventions which educate/protect individuals in order to avoid problems prior to the development of signs or symptoms of problems), secondary (interventions which identify persons in the early stages of problem behaviors and attempt to avert the ensuing negative consequences by inducing them to cease their problem behavior through counseling or treatment), and tertiary (interventions which strive to end problem behavior and/or to ameliorate their negative effects through treatment and rehabilitation) level mental health interventions.

The goal of these interventions is to assist students in developing and maintaining healthy personal, emotional, and psychological functioning as they set and attempt to achieve academic goals. Provision of all levels of interventions is achieved through maintaining a rich and current professional environment consisting of expert staff and a vital and thriving training program for mental health practitioners.