Student Counseling Service encourages you to explore the links provided on the left, in order to enhance your understanding of many common concerns facing university students. Students wondering if the level of concern they are currently experiencing might be cause for them to seek out further professional help may find the links to Mental Health Self –Assessments a good starting place.  Having completed these on-line screening tools, they may save and print their results and bring these to a first session with a counselor at SCS or in the community.

The link to Mental Health Topics provides a good launching point for a more in-depth exploration into a broad range of issues that are frequently experienced at some point in many students’ university years.  Each topic area provides some basic, defining information about the topic; some ways students can help themselves to deal with milder presentations of the concerns; and some indications about when professional assistance might be suggested.  Students or families wishing to supplement this basic information may wish to proceed to the Resources link.  The External Links in that section will connect you to some more detailed and extensive information about mental health topics, as provided by national experts. The link for Mental Health Status of Miami Students 2012 will augment your exploration by providing a quick over-view of those concerns and issues most often seen at SCS and how students have recently utilized SCS services to help with these.

Finally, The Just In Case App link connects students and families to a new mobile app intended to provide a quick connection to support and emergency response resources for students encountering a mental health crisis or responding to the needs of a friend in crisis. This app offers links to local mental health response and provides intervention strategies, emergency contact information and instructions for both regional campus and Oxford students.

List of Clinicians in the Oxford OH Area

Starting the Conversation: College and your Mental Health

Did you know that 75% of all mental health conditions begin by age 24? That’s why the college years are so critical for understanding and talking about mental health. NAMI created this video based on the guide Starting the Conversation: College and Your Mental Health developed in partnership with The Jed Foundation. 

Disclaimer: SCS requires the use of our own Release of Information (ROI) Form, instead of the one appearing on NAMI's guide. Miami University students receiveing services at SCS who want to complete an ROI Form, are encouraged to discuss the matter with their individual therapist.