Expect Respect: Get Back What You Give

The Dean of Students staff - Kimberly Moore, Tim Parsons, Alex Wood, Ben Williams, and Lyndsey Tonyan - posing in Expect Respect shirts.Miami University is relaunching its annual expect respect initiative this month. Offered through the office of the dean of students, the initiative aims to promote awareness and create an environment of respect on campus. The weeklong campaign focuses on encouraging unity, dignity, and respect even through disagreement.

According to the program's mission statement, "our choices, actions, behaviors, words, and attitudes matter. Together, we can create and maintain a respectful and inclusive environment where all members of the Miami community can live, learn, work, and thrive – with all of our differences.”

“Our goal is to foster a campus environment where students feel comfortable sharing and discussing different perspectives,” said assistant dean of students Ben Williams. “The program’s goals are to raise awareness, encourage respect for members of our community, and to start the conversation.”

Expect respect week is March 27-31, 2023. Students, faculty, and staff can participate by signing a pledge to commit to expect respect. They are encouraged to support the efforts on social media (using the hashtag #ExpectRespectMU). Participants can also stop by one of three tabling events to pick up a free expect respect t-shirt.

“We are all responsible for the community we build here at Miami,” said Kimberly Moore, Ed.D., associate vice president of student life and the dean of students. “Whether it is in our interactions in the classroom, student organizations, or uptown, respect is what we all deserve and what this campaign hopes to inspire.”

In addition to expect respect, the office of the dean of students offers educational programs, training, and collaboration opportunities with organizations and departments. Their website provides resources and support for students who are struggling to manage conflict, have experienced a bias incident, or are struggling to connect with others.