Transitioning to off-campus living can be an exciting time. Students are ready to establish their own rules and live more independently, having made conscious decisions about where and with whom they will live. Along with the excitement of living off-campus comes additional responsibility. As your student prepares for this next chapter of the Miami University experience, we encourage you to start a conversation about what it means to be a good tenant, neighbor and community member.

Oxford is a family town that is proud to be the home of Miami University. While the oldest section of town is a popular location for student renters, it also is the heart of activity where local residents do business, eat out, attend church, and enjoy community activities. Students can sometimes forget that they share Oxford with other residents, and occasionally need a reminder that there are families here, and that community expectations include complying with the local laws to maintain a desired quality of life for everyone. All residents, including students, will be held accountable for property maintenance, proper handling of trash and recycling, shoveling of sidewalks, monitoring of noise, and appropriate hosting of events at residential locations.

Miami University works with students, permanent residents, local landlords, and city officials to promote a positive partnership in keeping Oxford a pleasant, engaging, beautiful place to live. We hope you will assist us in reminding students that it is appropriate to treat the Oxford community as they would their own hometowns - with respect, kindness, and consideration for others.