New Fostering Just Communities Certificate

Immersive New Program Builds Skills Employers Value. All Majors Welcome.

The Fostering Just Communities (FJC) Certificate is an immersive new experience designed to address real social issues in urban areas. Throughout this 12-credit hour program, the community literally becomes the curriculum as students live and work in neighborhoods striving to overcome poverty, inequality, homelessness, and more.

The goal is to develop a new generation of leaders who will serve as advocates of empowerment and social change, and the FJC provides an authentic learning environment that helps students build the skills that many employers seek.

According to a survey conducted by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, the majority of employers now hope to hire graduates who have experience working with diverse groups, making ethical decisions, solving complex problems, and participating in civic activities. 

To get involved, students from all majors can participle in one of three pathways.

Learn more on the FJC website.