20th Year of The Clothesline Project at Miami

The Clothesline Project. Sponsored by The Women*s Center
The Clothesline Project. Sponsored by The Women*s Center

Hundreds of stories displayed on t-shirts

On October 3-5, members of the Miami community experienced The Clothesline Project, an interactive art exhibit honoring survivors and victims of sexual and interpersonal violence, when it was displayed at the Seal.

Miami’s involvement with The Clothesline Project began 20 years ago, when the Ohio Coalition on Sexual Assault approached the Women*s Center about displaying a statewide version of the exhibit. A year later, The Ohio Clothesline Project was brought to campus again. Following that second display, several student groups, with support from the Women*s Center, began working together to create Miami’s own version of The Clothesline Project.

Leading up to and during the display, members of the Miami community are invited to write messages on t-shirts to tell their stories. Confidential space along with t-shirts and supplies are provided at the Women*s Center. This year 31 new t-shirts were added. Miami’s display now includes several hundred t-shirts. Those responding to a follow-up survey indicated they and their peers learned more about sexual and interpersonal violence as a result of viewing The Clothesline Project, which they described as “amazing,” “impactful and emotional,” “educational,” and “empowering.”