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Institute for Miami Leadership Development (IMLD)

In the Fall of 2011, the Provost's Office announced the inaugural session of the Institute for Miami Leadership Development (IMLD), which provides professional development for both current and future Miami faculty and staff leaders. After three successful years, the IMLD has undergone its first steering committee review and revision and is rolled back out for the fourth year in an educational and applied new format.

IMLD Goals

The goal of the Institute for Miami Leadership Development (IMLD) is to improve leadership potential among both Miami faculty and staff through

  • the development of new conceptual understandings of leadership and organizations
  • a broader understanding of higher education as an enterprise
  • strengthened interpersonal skills
  • deeper self-awareness

The ultimate aim of the IMLD is to ensure future leadership capable of moving Miami into a vastly changing and exciting educational landscape.

With specific questions, please contact any member of the IMLD Steering Committee.