University Police Authority and Jurisdiction

The Miami University Police is located in the Police Services Center, 4945 Oxford-Trenton Road (SR 73), near Ditmer Parking Lot.

Miami University Police officers are fully sworn and armed law enforcement officers empowered to investigate alleged criminal activity, search and arrest as authorized by law, and use necessary and reasonable force to enforce the law and protect persons and property. They evaluate reported crimes, conduct investigations, and effect arrests.

Miami University Police enforce all state and local laws, including underage drinking, controlled substances, and rape or other forms of sexual assault. They are responsible for enforcing laws on all university-owned property and work cooperatively with the Oxford police and other local law enforcement agencies. Mutual aid agreements are in place with several local law enforcement agencies and can be found on the Police Department's website at When a major crime occurs, the police chief of either jurisdiction may request assistance of the other police department.

The Miami University Police also work cooperatively with the Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution to enforce Miami's Code of Student Conduct.

Regional campus security is provided by contracted security personnel who are not sworn police officers and do not have arrest authority. The Hamilton City Police Department has law enforcement authority at the Hamilton campus, the Middletown City Police Department has law enforcement authority at the Middletown campus, and the West Chester Police Department has law enforcement authority at the Voice of America Learning Center.

All persons are encouraged to promptly and accurately report criminal activity to police.