Miami Bound

Miami Bound Canoe Selfie
Students under rock arch
Miami bound canoe group
Miami bounds two students climbing

Miami Bound is a unique pre-semester program for first-year Miami University students hosted by the Outdoor Pursuit Center & Recreational Sports Center. These experiences are led by full-time staff and student leaders. They are designed to build community while providing a balance of challenging, educational, and fun activities.

Get Outside

students climbing a rock

Calling all those with a spirit of adventure! Camp under the stars, create a tight-knit community of friends, and experience nature up close as we paddle, climb, or backpack around southwestern Ohio.

Get Outside is for everyone, no matter your outdoor experience level. Designed to be rewarding for nature novices and experts alike, Get Outside is about connecting you to others that share your passion for the outdoors and helping you transition into life at Miami.

Dates: August 18–21, 2019
Program Fee: TBD

Registration Coming Soon

Jen Siliko
(513) 529-7510