Institute for Food Farm

Squash harvest at Institute for Food farm

When you set foot onto the Institute for Food Farm (located on the historic Austin-Magie Farm and Mill District right outside of Oxford), you will feel instantly lifted—the air is fresh and crisp, and rows of vivid green crops stand tall, bristling as breezes roll through, yet always stretching to the sun.

At the farm, Miami students work alongside university faculty and Oxford community members to cultivate the land, plant seeds, and harvest crops — selling and donating our fresh local produce to students and community members alike.

Architecture students built the vegetable washing station that marks the end of the farm's driveway entrance, volunteers pull carrots up from the ground to prepare for harvest, and local farmers have contributed support and advice.

The Institute for Food Farm seeks to provide a model for others to follow: a model of sustainable food production, community engagement, and experiential learning.

The Institute for Food Farm is groundbreaking—in more ways than one—and we are proud to share it with you here, now. Please come visit us (directions) and also check out our community partners!