Bart Grudzinski Joining Department in August

Bartosz Grudzinski pictureDear Miami Alumni,

Joining the Department of Geography at Miami University has led to great excitement and joy. I will be arriving from the Department of Geography at Kansas State University where I have completed my doctoral research. Broadly defined, my academic career as a physical geographer has primarily focused on fluvial geomorphology and aquatic ecology. My interests generally encompass human-environmental interactions, watershed processes, and land use impacts on aquatic ecosystems. More specifically I have a passion for: 1) determining how anthropogenic influences have altered fluvial structure and function, 2) identifying prominent mechanisms that alter the Earth's surface, 3) determining best management practices that promote restoration, re-wilding and increased overall health of aquatic environments and their riparian areas, and 4) communicating scientific findings with the public in order to spread environmental knowledge and justice within the local and global community.

At MU I hope to raise awareness and find solutions to detrimental environmental impacts occurring at and around the greater Oxford-Cincinnati area. I believe that the Department of Geography will provide the opportunity to develop a fruitful and satisfying career. I look forward to devoting equal attention to my dual passions of teaching and interdisciplinary research. I aspire to bring the same enthusiasm and effective teaching and research methods that the professors in my academic career possessed which kept me motivated and excited during my pursuit of a career in the environmental sciences.


Bartosz (Bart) Grudzinski

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