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The department of German, Russian, Asian, and Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures encompasses eight languages which are deemed of critical importance in today’s multicultural world. Development and cultivation of any of these languages may enhance your earning or hiring potential in any field of science or business. Fulfilling the Global Perspectives part of the Miami Plan requirements for graduation becomes much easier with a language as study abroad options become wide-open avenues for personal, and future career development. As you plan your collegiate life, we invite you to consider the taking one of the languages we offer.

What Students Are Saying...

  • Colin J. Sexton

    "Studying German at Miami University allowed me to continue to develop my passion for the German language and culture."

  • Shuwei Jiao

    "... [T]hanks to all the amazing professors at Miami, I was able to continue my study and accomplish another degree in German."
  • Jay Malone

    "After graduating, I used my degree in English to start a career teaching my native tongue, a decision that ended up taking me across the world, from Iceland to Tajikistan. Incredibly, regardless of where I went, I always seemed to find some use for my German."

  • David Knowles

    "I thoroughly enjoyed all my German classes and professors in the GREAL Department.  Miami University truly does have the best professors, and I can never thank them enough."
  • Katherine Youngkin

    "During my time at Miami, I had the wonderful opportunity to study abroad twice."
  • Jessica Lemond

    "The Korean department only has one professor, which has been nice because I have gotten to know him very well."
  • Christine Ostrosky

    "I want to work for an international humanitarian organization or NGO."

  • Matthew Reed

    "My experiences on the ground, interacting with the people of Iraq, are what sparked my interest in the Middle East and the Arabic language."

  • Casey Smitson

    "Majoring in German and American Studies has taught me to analyze and think critically about different cultural trends and allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of both cultures."

  • Keary Iarussi

    "The breadth and depth of knowledge I received here is more than I could’ve asked for."
  • Taylor Valley

    "I received a scholarship and take Russian lessons twice a week. This is my favorite program within the Russian department because it encourages us to attend related lectures and become more active in it."

  • Maria Moore

    "I think it's very interesting to experience different lifestyles and compare them to my own, so International Studies is a good way for me to explore this passion and turn it into a career."
  • Adam Cook

    "It was halfway into my second year when I realized that the part of the day that I enjoyed the most was my Japanese class. From then on I decided to take as many classes as I could to expand my knowledge of East Asia."
  • Glenn Danielson

    "My degrees from Miami have given me the practical knowledge needed for my position in addition to preparing me to live and work in a foreign country."

  • Julia Hahn

    "Miami’s [GRAMELAC] Department will not only challenge you but encourage you to go beyond coursework to reach fluency in your chosen foreign language."

  • Jeffrey Holbrook

    "The faculty of [GRAMELAC] ignited in me a keen interest in German literature, from its origins to postwar works."

  • Perry Manross

    "...the Miami Plan prescribed language aptitude. Since I didn’t have any, I picked German nearly arbitrarily. It turned out to be a very useful language."

  • Michelle Mego

    "Within a couple months, I developed an intense fascination with language studies and changed my major immediately to East Asian Languages and Cultures."

  • Amy Newman

    "...my knowledge of German, especially technical German, was invaluable..."

  • Cristina Rue

    "When looking back at some of my best personal and professional decisions, attending Miami University is always at the top of my list."

  • Natalie Brooke Soto

    "When I arrived at Miami University … I had no idea just how much my life would change and how much I would learn.  And I owe a great deal of that to the German department at Miami."

  • Meredith Leland Theelen

    "I came to discover more about myself and who I wanted to be as a world citizen."

  • Sara Wenger

    "Miami allowed me to take advantage of numerous departments, including [GRAMELAC], to create an undergraduate experience that was deeply personalized and current."

  • Christina Zielke

    "I've learned many concrete things at Miami, but the most important thing was how to work with people and develop an intercultural relationship."

Language Tables - Spring 2015

Arab League Flag   Arabic Language Table
  Every Monday • 7:00pm-8:30pm • Irvin Hall 130

German Flag  Kaffee im King
  Every Wednesday • 4:00pm-5:30pm • King Café

Japanese Flag  Japanese Language Table
  Every Wednesday • 6:00pm-7:30pm • Upham Hall 226

Russian Flag  Russian Study Groups
  Contact Dr. Irina Goncharenko-Rose for information.

Intensive German Summer in Heidelberg, Jena, Dessau and Berlin

Dates and Information are available for the Summer 2015 Program!

HKBD Logos

2015 Summer in Tianjin

Information for the 2015 Tianjin Summer Program is now available! For more information about the program, attend one of the upcoming information sessions or talk to Dr. Liang Shi.