Students taping a show in the TV studio
MJF student at audio board
 MJF student behind a studio camera
 MJF students in the studio control room
MJF student behind the camera in the TV studio



September, 2020

MJF Distinguished Alumni
event postponed till September

The 2020 MJF Distinguished Alumni are Lisa Bannon of the Wall Street Journal, Vincent Duffy of Michigan Public Radio, Carrie Phillippi of General Electric and Charlie Yook of NFL Network.

Rick Ludwin Studio (107 Williams Hall)

MJF Waiting List Procedure

MJF will use Registration Override (ROR), the online waitlist system administered by the Registrar. ROR is available for all courses in MJF.

Deadline for requests is 11:59 p.m. Friday the first week of classes

ROR directions and details

If you want to change your major in MJF, send an email request to