Sustainability in Practice: Students to present their environmental service learning projects for external clients
Sustainability isn't just a subject to study in Miami's Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) -- it derives meaning from practical application. In IES instructor Scott Johnston’s Sustainability in Practice class (IES 474), students work in teams to solve environmental issues and develop sustainable strategies for clients outside Miami
Bateman team wins awards
The Bateman team took home two Blacksmith Awards for PRSSA Campaign and PRSSA Tactic categories for their work for With Purpose. Senior Maddie Malloy received the PRSSA Student of the Year award.
Former Miami professor returns to campus to present lecture on the story of Emmett Till
The 2018 American Studies biennial lecture, "Emmett Till: Why His Story Still Matters," was held on Wednesday, November 18 and presented by Elliott Gorn, the Joseph A. Gagliano Chair in urban history at Loyola University Chicago
New MJF chair has longtime passion for media
Bruce Drushel realized his passion for media at 11-years-old, an age when most people would never consider watching the nightly news over their favorite cartoon. “I would religiously watch TV newscasts and read newspapers and news magazines,” said Drushel, who took over as chair for the Department of Media, Journalism & Film this August.
Film by Miami Students to be Featured in MUSO Concert
Concert to Feature Music from Movies, Special Guest Artist, and a Film by Students
Media, Journalism & Film alums working in media provide career advice
Four Miami University alumni participated in the university's annual 18 of the Last 9 event appearing in a panel for the Department of Media, Journalism & Film (MJF) on Thursday, October 25
MJF waitlist now open
MJF will be joining the pilot for Registration Override (ROR) Spring Semester. ROR is the online waitlist system administered by the Registrar that will be rolled out university-wide in the fall.
Florentine woman gives tourists an Italian food education
Mackenzie Rossero spent the summer of 2018 in Florence, Italy, through the study abroad program, "Florence, Italy: Writing, Media and Culture," sponsored by the Department of Media, Journalism & Film and led by professor Daniele Fioretti
Who’s watching you? New report details how digital advertising is being used as a political weapon
Your behaviors and emotions are being influenced right now, whether you realize it or not. An invisible digital infrastructure is monitoring consumer profiles, targeting audiences and leveraging your data to mobilize political campaigns.