Brian Domino



Ethics, Nietzsche

Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University

I am an professor of philosophy. My research focuses on the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, and in the general area of ethics. I am interested in ethics in the ancient sense of figuring out how to lead one's life, how to become the sort of person that one wants—and should want—to become. I approach these questions from the perspective of the history of philosophy, but a history informed by contemporary research in evolutionary psychology.


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Selected Publications

  • "Nietzsche on Depression and Décadence," Philosophical Practice (14:2 [July 2019], 2341-2353).
  • Review of N.D. More, Nietzsche's Last Laugh. Ecce Homo as Satire. Journal of Nietzsche Studies (47:2 [2016], 303-305).