Pascal Massie

Dr. Pascal MassieAssociate Professor of Philosophy; Director of the Graduate Program

Ancient philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Contemporary Continental Philosophy

Ph.D. Vanderbilt

My areas of interest are primarily in ancient and medieval philosophy. More specifically, I work on Aristotle, Neo-Platonism and Duns Scotus on metaphysical issues such as actuality and possibility, the unity of being, time and eternity. In addition, I am interested in contemporary continental philosophy and political theory. These interests are connected by the conviction that philosophical problems and conceptual distinctions have a temporal dimension (which is not equivalent to simply embracing historical relativism), and that pre-modern thought opens up ways of thinking critically about our own contemporary condition.

Representative Publications


Contingency, Time and Possibility, An Essay on Aristotle and Duns Scotus, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books 2010

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