Access to Records

The following are not policy statements. They are guidelines regarding Psychology Department practice.

Academic records.  A student has the right to access academic records. To see an item held in your file, you may ask the graduate secretary for permission to see the item requested. Records may not be checked out and must be returned to the graduate secretary after viewing the item requested.

Comprehensive Exams.   The graduate secretary keeps a file of all comprehensive questions and answers. Anyone wishing to look at these records may ask the graduate secretary for permission to access these files. These files are for your benefit. They can provide you with an idea of the type of questions asked and how they might be answered.

Theses/Dissertations.  All graduate students have access to any thesis or dissertation kept by the Psychology Department. If you wish to view any of these theses or dissertations, you may obtain a key from the department secretary for access to the cabinet containing the theses and dissertations. A Sign out card will be filled in with your name, the date the thesis or dissertation is checked out, and the date that you expect to return it.