Evaluations of Student Progress

There is a statement on evaluation of student progress in the Policies and Curriculum for Graduate Students in Psychology document. The following comments are not policy statements. They are intended to clarify certain aspects of current practice that may not be clear from the policy statement.

Whereas the department policy requires students be reviewed by the Department as a whole at least once a year, the practice has been to conduct such evaluations at the end of both the fall and the spring semesters. In the Clinical Program, student progress is first reviewed by the Clinical Faculty. (Note that grad reps and other students do not participate in these evaluation meetings.) In addition, each student’s advisor submits a written progress report to the Department. These reports are discussed by the Department as a whole. Based on the advisor’s report and discussion at this meeting, each student receives a written evaluation. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss these evaluations with their advisors. Students are also free to respond to evaluations. The written evaluations become part of the student’s department file.

Student Participation in Evaluations of Faculty.   At the end of each academic term, graduates are given the opportunity to fill out course/professor evaluations for each of the psychology course that they are enrolled in. It may be a computerized university form or a professor’s own form given at the end of each class.