Record Keeping

It is the responsibility of each student to keep accurate and careful records of their academic progress not only for application to Internship sites but also for licensure. Don’t rely solely on the Department to keep these records for you.

Licensure requirements that are recommended by the American Psychological Association will include:

  1. A complete listing of course syllabi: Begin in your first year by keeping course syllabi in a notebook for future reference.
  2. Therapy hours. Keeping careful records of the number of clients you have seen and the number of therapy hours is a must. You may want to break these hours down into categories (i.e., individual therapy, group therapy, assessment, etc.) as some of your internship applications may require specific details. This will include clients that you see in the clinic as well as clients you see while you are on externships.
  3. Supervision hours. Keep track of your hours. Ideally, you should initially have 1 hour of supervision for every hour of therapy you do.  As your skill increases, the ratio of supervision to clinical hours will decrease.

In the Spring of 2007, we developed a new Plan of Study form that closely maps on to the APPIC internship application, and will provide a mechanism for students to keep an ongoing an updated record of much of this information.

In addition, at the end of every semester in which students are on practicum or traineeship, students will submit to the DCT an accounting of their clinical hours that has been “signed off” on by their supervisor.  Excel spreadsheets that are nicely formatted and map onto the APPI are available via links on the website.