Social Program News

Social Psychology Graduate Students

Recent news regarding social faculty and alumni

  • Heather Claypool is a co-PI on a 4-year NSF grant with Miami alum Dr. Michael Bernstein (Ph. D., 2010) to study the impact of social exclusion on stereotyping and individuation.
  • Allen McConnell is a co-PI on a 2-year NICHD grant to study the therapeutic benefits of using therapy dogs with children suffering from traumatic brain injuries (the primary performance site is Cincinnati's Childrens Hospital).
  • Jonathan Kunstman's research on the role of power in sexual objectification has received considerable popular press attention in light of the #MeToo movement.
  • Allen McConnell was promoted to University Distinguished Professor in Fall 2017.
  • Allen McConnell was elected President of the Midwestern Psychological Association (2016-17) and President of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology (2018).
  • Paige Lloyd (Ph.D., 2018) accepted an Assistant Professor of Psychology position at the University of Denver beginning in August 2018.
  • Jason Deska (Ph.D., 2018) accepted an Assistant Professor of Psychology position at Ryerson University beginning in August 2019 (after serving as a Post-Doc at the Univ. of Toronto).
  • Steven Almaraz received a 2017 Capretta Award, which recognizes post-master's graduate students' programs of research.
  • Paige Lloyd received the Department of Psychology's Dissertation Scholar Award for 2017-18, and she received a PEO Scholar Award to support her dissertation research as well.
  • Jason Deska was named 2017 Psi Chi Graduate Student of the Year.
  • Christina Brown (Ph.D., 2009) was promoted to Professor of Psychology at Arcadia Univ.
  • Michael Bernstein (Ph.D., 2010) was promoted to Associate Professor of Psychology at Penn State Univ. Abington.
  • Kurt Schuepfer (Ph.D., 2017) accepted a position as Data Scientist at Macy's.
  • Program 2010 Alums Michael Bernstein and Don Sacco were elected Fellows of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology.