Social Justice Studies Minor

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Social Justice and Inequalities

Social Justice Studies explores the ideals of justice, the realities of injustice, and practical solutions to bridge the gaps between the two. SJS covers a broad range of issues including economic justice, environmental justice, criminal justice, and fundamental human rights. It also covers a broad range of solution sets including policy-making, community organizing, social protest and restorative justice. Social Justice Studies at Miami is rooted in Sociology but builds connections to many programs and office around campus.

Take ALL of these

SJS 165 Introduction to Social Justice Studies

SJS 323 Social Justice and Change

Take ONE of these 

SOC 348 Race and Ethnic Relations

SOC 372 Social Stratification

Take TWO of the following

SOC 203 Sociology of Gender

SOC 221 Sexualities

SOC 225 Work and Occupational Justice

SOC 278 Women and (Dis)Ability

SOC 305 Sociology of Globalization

Take ONE of the following

SOC 318 Sociology of Aging and the Life Course

SOC 375 Disability Allies and Activists

SOC 440.A Internship in Applied Sociology (must be pre-approved by instructor for SJS related content)

SOC 487 Globalization, Social Justice & Human Rights