Faculty and Staff


Carol Olausen

Carol Olausen (MA, American University), Director
Carol Olausen's career in education involves over 18 years of teaching experience emphasizing project-based inquiry and experiential learning, with the past 7 years spent working with college-bound adults in the field of ESL as both an instructor and administrator.  Her research interests include crisis management and related support programming for international students, as well as examining models for effective and authentic cross-cultural integration and communication as a means of fostering globalization and cultural competency. Office: Bachelor Hall 162C. Email: olauseca@miamioh.edu

Eun Chong Yang

Eun Chong Yang (Ed. D), Associate Director
Eun Chong Yang earned a master’s degree in Multicultural Literature for Children at Xavier University and a doctoral degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) from the University of Cincinnati (UC). She has taught variety of populations (e.g., ESL undergraduate and graduate students, immigrants, and visiting researchers/scholars) at UC for 14 years. She has also participated in institutional English proficiency interviews, developed the curricula for the Center for ESL at UC, and is currently involved in international English proficiency examinations. With a specific focus on intersubjectivity and ethnomethodological conversation analysis, her research interests include second language assessment, negotiation/expectation/interpretation in proficiency interviews, and examiner training. Office: BAC 162D. Email: yange2@miamioh.edu

Sara Pate Sara Pate (BS), Administrative Assistant
Sara Pate began working with the ACE program in Spring 2012 as a Program Associate. She is a life-time Oxford resident, has a bachelors in Business Management and over ten years of accounting and office management experience. Office: Bachelor Hall 162. Email: sara.pate@miamioh.edu

Instructional Faculty

Larysa Bobrova Larysa Bobrova (PhD), Visiting Assistant Professor, ACE and English
Larysa Bobrova received her PhD from the Pennsylvania State University specializing in cognitive semantics and second language acquisition. Her area of expertise includes conceptual metaphor with a primary focus on multimodal manifestations of metaphor in promotional discourse and the intersection of metaphor and culture in discourse. Her current research interests lie in sociocultural approaches to second/foreign language teaching and learning, concept-based and metaphor-driven instruction specifically. In her teaching and research she aims to bring together rigorous theoretical enquiry with language pedagogy attempting to enhance learning process by making it both productive and enjoyable. Office: BAC 147. Email: bobrovl@miamioh.edu
Jessica Downey Jessica Downey (MA), Lecturer, ACE
Jessica Downey has taught English overseas, has worked as a medical interpreter and business translator, and holds degrees in German Studies and Spanish Literature. In addition to teaching in ACE, she coordinates and develops ongoing exchanges with the Psychology Department to cultivate intercultural competence amongst international and domestic students. She is currently researching bilingual bicultural frame switching as it applies to linguistic and behavioral patterns of individuals with two or more internalized cultures. Ms. Downey earned her Master’s in Literacy and Second Language Studies in the area of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Office: BAC 167B. Email: jessica.downey@miamioh.edu
Ebur Dirsel-Duffield Ebru Dirsel-Duffield (PhD), Visiting Assistant Professor, ACE
Ebru Dirsel-Duffield earned her doctoral degree in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) at the University of Cincinnati. Her research interests include ESL teacher education, non-native English speakers, second language acquisition, and cross-cultural adaptation. Office: BAC 162D. Email: duffieed@miamioh.edu
Richond Dzekoe

Richmond Dzekoe


Ilknur Eginli Ilknur Eginli (Ph.D.), Visiting Assistant Professor, ACE
Ilknur Eginli has taught English as a second/foreign language in a variety of educational venues, from K-12 and community colleges to universities for 15 years. She earned Master’s degrees in TESOL; History; and Curriculum & Instruction. Her Ph.D. is in Education from George Mason University. Much of her research has centered on critical thinking, reading, and writing; self-regulation skills; integrating technology into the curriculum. She is currently researching technology mediated communication and its effect on teaching and learning. Office: BAC 135. Email: eginlii@miamioh.edu
Dale Ehrlich Dale Ehrlich (MA), Lecturer, ACE
Dale Ehrlich began working with the ACE program in Fall 2013. Dale specializes in teaching pronunciation and TESL teacher training. He has taught in intensive English programs in several American universities as well as foreign language programs in universities in the Czech Republic, South Korea, Cambodia, and Guatemala. Office: 162D Email: ehrlicdw@miamioh.edu
Olga Filatova Olga Filatova (PhD), Visiting Assistant Professor, ACE and English
Olga Filatova has taught English as a second/foreign language for over ten years in the USA, Great Britain, Turkey and Russia. Her doctorate (PhD) in Education is from the Moscow Academy of Science based on research conducted in Chicago, IL.She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Secondary Education with a teaching major in TESOL. She believes in a student-centered, project-based communicative approach to teaching that uses students’ personal and cultural experience to motivate their learning. Her research interests lie in the area of social and academic adaptation of international students to new cultural environments. Office: BAC 147. Email: filatoo@miamioh.edu
Ling He Ling He (PhD), Visiting Assistant Professor, ACE and English
Ling He's teaching interests include second language writing, rhetoric theory and analysis, language assessment, second language acquisition, and ESL and bilingual instructional methodologies. Her recent research has focused on learning, teaching, and assessment of writing in English as a second/foreign language, topical knowledge, test validity, and mixed methods. Besides teaching and research, she has been serving on the review board of TESL Canada Journal since 2008. Office: BAC. Email: ling.he@miamioh.edu
Yang Jiao

Yang Jiao


Juhi Kim

Juhi Kim


Kyung Min Kim

Kyung Min Kim


Irena Kola Irena Kola (PhD), Lecturer, ACE
Irena joined ACE in 2013, after over 15 years of teaching extensively in the area of EFL/ESL communication for graduate and undergraduate students. Her teaching philosophy stems from the belief that students perform best when they are trusted with challenging projects and study in an inclusive environment that stimulates free, yet respectful exchange of ideas. Irena’s research interests focus on Second Language Writing, Second Language  pedagogies, and cultural communication, with a focus on the integration of international students in the US academic culture and their representation in the media. She pursued her graduate work at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she completed her MA in TESL and her PhD in Educational Policy Studies, specializing in the Internationalization of Higher Education and how it has promoted English as a lingua franca. Office: BAC 167A. Email: kolai@miamioh.edu
Miranda Rowe

Miranda Rowe


Joseph Sorell


Ryan Wright Ryan Wright (MA), Instructor, ACE and English
Office: BAC 147. Email: wrightr6@miamioh.edu

ACE Academic Advisors

Larysa Bobrova
Email: bobrovl@miamioh.edu

Jessica Downey
Email: jessica.downey@miamioh.edu

Richmond Dzekoe
Email: dzekoers@miamioh.edu

Ilknur Eginli
Email: eginlii@miamioh.edu

Dale Ehrlich
Email: ehrlicdw@miamioh.edu

Yang Jiao
Email: jiaoy3@miamioh.edu

Irena Kola
Email: kolai@miamioh.edu

Carol Olausen
Email: olauseca@miamioh.edu

Miranda Rowe
Email: rowemp@miamioh.edu

Ryan Wright
Email: wrightr6@miamioh.edu

Eun Chong Yang
Email: yange2@miamioh.edu

Admission and ISSS Support Staff

Aaron Bixler Aaron Bixler, Associate Director of International Recruitment, Admission
Email: bixleraj@miamioh.edu
Amy Cockrell Amy Cockrell (MS), International Student Advisor, ISSS
Amy Cockrell joined Miami University in 2012. Amy has over 5 years of experience in the field of international education and is responsible for advising international students and scholars. She provides counsel regarding immigration, academic, cultural, or personal issues. She assists with international student orientation and is the main contact for international students seeking help with classes and enrollment problems. Do not hesitate to contact her with questions! Email: cockrea@miamioh.edu
Mindy Yiu Mindy Yiu, Admission Counselor (MSEd), Admission
In addition to her role as admission counselor, Mindy Yiu also advises the International Ambassadors (current students who assist prospective international students with questions about campus life and student perspective). Mindy double majored in college and earned her Bachelor's in Animal Sciences and Korean along with a minor in Chinese from The Ohio State University and her Master's in Higher Education Administration from the University of Dayton. Her research in graduate school focused on international student retention and challenges. Email: yium@miamioh.edu