Show Auditions

Auditions for Fall Semester 2018-19

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The Department of Theatre is looking to cast roles for two productions

Echoes of Miami

by Anthony Thompson, Olivia Gorom, Meryl Juergens, Tanner McCormick, Katelyn Nevin & Melissa Rowan

The myths, legends, and history of Miami itself echo through time in this series collection of ten-minute plays written entirely by Miami University students and alumni. Miami's most mischievous specter, Helen Peabody, will lead audiences to multiple locations to witness performances will transcend genre and time periods, highlighting the musicality, comedy, poetry, horror, and memories that been woven into Miami's own rich story.

Good Kids

by Naomi Iizuka

How do we uncover truth in our history in the age of social media? Based loosely on an actual event that happened in Steubenville, Ohio,  Good Kids is a chilling portrayal of the gravity of sexual assault and the permanence of social media. After a big high school party, a sixteen year-old girl wakes up, undressed, in a strange boy's house with little memory of what happened. As multiple sides play out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, we must come to terms with the realities of sexual assault, privilege, and victim blaming.

Characters in these shows represent a wide range of ethnicities and physical abilities. All are encouraged to audition!

When and Where

Tuesday and Wednesday, August 28 and 29, from 7:00-11:00pm

Callbacks will be held Thursday, August 30th from 7:00-11:00pm.

Auditions will be held in Gates-Abegglen Theatre in the Center for Performing Arts. Please report to the Green Room (CPA 144) 15 minutes before your scheduled audition time.

How to Schedule an Audition Time

To audition, you will need to sign up for a specific time block. Sign ups will be available electronically from August 20-25 through SignUp Genius:

Sign up for an audition time here

You can also sign up on the call board, located in the hallway adjacent to the Green Room (CPA 144) in the Center for Performing Arts beginning Monday, August 27.

What to Prepare

On the audition form, you will be able to specify which shows you'd like to audition for. Whether you are interested in one show or both, your preparation will be the same:

  • Prepare one contemporary monologue, up to four minutes in length. You do not need to fill the full four minutes.
  • Non-majors may read from provided cold readings if not comfortable preparing a memorized monologue.
  • Scripts are on reserve in the Amos Music Library. Please read the script before auditions!

General Tips

Non-majors: if you are unable to prepare auditions, we will have cold readings available

Theatre majors and music theatre minors MUST have their materials memorized!

Come with your audition form filled out (pick one up on the callboard in the CPA)

Don’t wear flip-flops or sandals. Women, don’t wear heels.

Don’t wear “workout” clothes (sweats, t-shirts) unless specifically asked to wear clothing you can move in.

Dress to show that you are serious about what you do. Don’t wear clothing that makes you look sloppy or unkempt.

When it's your time to audition, introduce yourself and the pieces you will be doing.

More About Echoes

The characters below will be assigned from an ensemble of 15-20 actors, many of whom will double.

Character Breakdown

This is Myaamionki

  • Alex: a Myaamia student at Miami University. She is written as a young woman but can very well be any gender.
  • Awatooki: Name meaning "carrying"
  • Katana: a Myaamia-ization of "Katherine"
  • Paahpilweeta: 'he/she is humorous'
  • Minooteeni: name meaning “town” or ”village”. They are the community chorus of the piece, creating and illustrating the different world of Myaamionki.

An Evening with the Snyders

  • Professor Henry Snyder: husband to Minnie, chemistry professor at Miami
  • Minnie Snyder: wife to Henry, lover of William, sings after Henry’s lectures
  • William Pugh: lover to Minnie, assistant to Henry


  • Woman of the Chains: once had a sparkling glimmer in her eye until alcoholism, clinical depression, and this sanitarium took that away, struggles with being a part of the LGBTQ community in a time period that was not accepting of that
  • Woman of Electricity: been abused so much with electricity that she has lost all normal brain function
  • Woman of the Window: lost her love and went crazy with promiscuity
  • Woman of Solitude: a lobotomy is performed on her in attempt to remove the memory of her rape and miscarriage

Murder at Reid Hall

  • Roger Sayles: RA of Reid Hall. A serious person, mid atlantic accent
  • Herb Lucas: Young college student in his second year and a Reid Hall Resident. Feels like a loser most of the time and depends on his girlfriend, Sharon, heavily. He has explosive anger issues.
  • Sharon: Herb’s girlfriend. She has a tendency to devote herself to any man who gives her attention. Has good intentions, but not good morals.
  • Jimmy Walker: Herb’s roommate. Wants to prove that he is better than Herb. Tends to be blowhard and acts like a jock. (The ones we see in 1950’s movies)

Haunting at Peabody 237

  • Cam: Young man around collegiate freshman/sophomore age. Plays for the Redhawks team, but focuses on his academics, knowing it won’t be his career. He loves to drink beer because Cam does. Roomed with Andy.
  • Andy: Young man around collegiate freshman/sophomore. Plays for Redhawks team and thinks that it will be his future. He secretly hates drinking beer. Roomed with Cam.
  • Alex: The RA for Andy and Cam’s corridor. They are mature and wise with a surprising sense of sarcasm and humor. Definitely not their first year living at Peabody.

Disappearance of Ron Tammen

  • Ron Tammen: Young man, college age, Dark Hair. Appears solemn and lost

Hopewell Cemetery

  • Reverend Alexander Porter, 1770-1836 (66 years): Born in South Carolina, the first pastor of the Hopewell Church. Left South Carolina due to opposition to slavery. Stuffy and set in his ways, he is well educated and values education. Because he is older and thus more “experienced,” Porter believes he knows best and often is annoyed by Paxton. 
  • Reverend William Edward Paxton, 1856-1952 (96 years): Last pastor of the Hopewell Church before it was closed in 1915, he was a pastor for only 11 years. Still optimistic about the world, he yearns to preach again to a new audience. 
  • Gabriel Smith, aka “Old Gabe”, age unknown but assumed to have lived a long life:  Friendly and sociable, he is a sort of storytelling grandpa character. A freed African American turned conductor on the underground railroad. He lived at the Bunker Hill House, where he gave refuge to many runaway slaves on their way to freedom in Canada. A member of the Hopewell Church, which provided a network to help slaves escape.

Helen Peabody(s)

Casting THREE women. The "Helens" will the ‘tour guides’ for the audience members.

  • Man-Hating Helen: Stern and severe, sometimes sarcastic. She is very focused on her anger that Miami is co-ed and the fact that she has to deal with men on campus everyday.
  • Historic Helen: Very poised, calm, and determined. Focus on the success of women who attend Miami. She may be a little angered that Western was absorbed by Miami after how long she worked to establish it.
  • Defender Helen:  Sweet, strong, and sometimes solemn. She focuses on the aggression and violence that has taken place against women and minorities on campus. She appears younger than the other Helens.


Rehearsals begin Monday, September 10th. We will observe a rehearsal schedule from Monday through Friday evenings from 7:00-11:00 pm.

More About Good Kids

Trigger Warning: This play deals with explicit themes such as rape and sexual assault.

Character Breakdown

The Girls  

AMBER, the alpha female of the school, a straight-A student and captain of the girls’ varsity soccer team
DAPHNE, Chloe’s best friend
MADISON, Amber’s Teammate
BRIANNA, Amber’s Teammate
KYLIE, The new girl who aspires to be apart of Amber’s inner circle
SKYLER, a girl who doesn’t fit in, doesn’t care, and can’t wait to go to college
CHLOE, a girl from another high school with an independent streak
DEIRDRE, a young woman in a wheelchair who graduated a few years ago and spends a lot of time online 

The Boys

TY, Connor’s teammate
TANNER, Connor’s teammate
LANDON, Connor’s teammate
CONNOR, Quarterback of the football team, everything has always come easy to him, girls like him and life is full of promise

The girls and boys play the CHORUS OF GOOD KIDS. They also play their parents, coaches, and teachers as needed.

All are young, somewhere in their 20’s, ish, and they should seem young, open, skilled, playful, and perhaps, at times, a little foolish.


Rehearsals begin Monday, October 8th. We will observe a rehearsal schedule from Monday-Saturday evenings. We will rehearse Monday-Fridays from 7-11 pm and Saturdays 11 am-3 pm.