Faculty and Staff

Department Administration

Brian Schultz | Chair and Professor

Kim Wachenheim | Assistant Chair and Senior Lecturer

Catherine Haerr | Co-Coordinator, Early Childhood Education and Clinical Faculty

Sheri Leafgren | Co-Coordinator, Early Childhood Education and Associate Professor

Nazan Bautista | Coordinator, Middle Childhood Education and Professor

Douglas Brooks | Coordinator, Adolescent to Young Adult Program and Professor

Thomas Misco | Director of Graduate Studies and Professor | Naus Family Faculty Scholar

Jennifer Mysona | Representative, Regional Campuses and Senior Lecturer (Middletown campus)

Kirk Robinson | Coordinator of Advising

Faculty and Staff

Karen Bachman | Adjunct Faculty

Katherine Batchelor | Assistant Professor

Catherine Bornhorst | Adjunct Faculty

Martha Castañeda | Associate Professor

Michelle Cosmah | Clinical Faculty

Brenda Dales | Lecturer

Jeannie Ducher | Clinical Faculty

Michael Todd Edwards | Professor

Amy Emery | Director of Clinical and Field Placements

Michael Evans | Associate Professor

Angela Faulhaber | Adjunct Faculty

Tracey Hoffman | Assistant Professor

Eva Howard | Adjunct Faculty

Melissa Kincaid | Adjunct Faculty

Irene Kleiman | Clinical Faculty

Lena Lee | Professor

Thomas (In Hoi) Lee | Visiting Professor

Ann MacKenzie | Associate Professor

Sandra Manning | Program Associate

Terry McCollum | Statewide Director of K-12 Programs, Discovery Center, Adjunct Professor

Molly Merz | Adjunct Faculty

Marc Nachowitz | Assistant Professor

Yeison Pavas | Program Associate

Amy Pritts | Adjunct Faculty

Lisa Portwood | Administrative Assistant

Rachel Radina | Visiting Assistant Professor, Coordinator of the Urban Cohort

Ganiva Reyes | Assistant Professor

Tom Romano | John Heckert Professor of Literacy

Barbara Rose | Associate Professor

Paula Saine | Professor

Scott Sander | Clinical Faculty

Tammy Schwartz | Instructor and Director of the Urban Cohort

Xiang Shen | Visiting Assistant Professor

James Shiveley | Director of International Programs and Charles and Frances Condit Endowed Professor

Chris Underwood | Adjunct Faculty

Melissa Vennefron | Instructor

Jeffrey Wanko | Associate Provost and Professor

Sarah B. Woodruff | Director, Discovery Center and Ohio's Evaluation & Assessment Center