Student Organizations

MU Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MUCTM)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Suzanne R. Harper

MUCTM is an organization which exists solely for the purpose of bettering
mathematics education. Its members meet and discuss the current trends and future of their field. MUCTM holds monthly meetings at which a guest speaker gives a presentation on an aspect of teaching mathematics. MUCTM also sponsors and participates in several events throughout the year. Membership in MUCTM includes membership to OCTM (Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics). Check out our website.

MU- National Science Teachers Association (MU-NSTA)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ann Haley MacKenzie

MU-NSTA is an organization that provides professional development opportunities for those students interested in becoming science teachers at all levels or those interested in being science educators. Members are dedicated education students and teachers who focus on current trends in science education and meet to discuss issues, share innovative lesson and teaching ideas, research findings, and engage in service projects devoted to science education issues. Monthly meetings are held to encourage dialogue with other members and to build collegiality.

The Miami Council for the Social Studies

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Tom Misco

The purpose of the council is to provide a forum for pre-service social studies educators to discuss and learn more about issues related to this subject. Guest speakers and designated topics of discussion pertaining to social studies comprise the meeting's agenda.

National Council of Teachers of English – Student Affiliate of Miami (NCTE-SAM)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tom Romano

NCTE-SAM (The National Council of Teacher of English – Student Affiliate of Miami) was founded in 1995. Students studying to be an English/language arts teacher in any program in the School of Education and Allied Professions are eligible for membership in NCTE-SAM. The group holds regular meetings to discuss and learn about professional issues in the teaching of English/language arts.

MU Ambassadors for Children

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Martha Castaneda

Ambassadors for Children is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides meaningful travel experiences with global volunteer opportunities to help children in need around the world. Miami’s AFC Chapter, the first chapter in the U.S., began as a student organization in 2006. Miami students coordinate all activities of the local chapter for international and local projects. For more information, go to and check for the Miami University chapter information on the website.

EHS Education Licensure Organizations (EDP, PHS & EDT departments): Ohio Student Education Association (OSEA)

Faculty Advisor: Kim Wachenheim

OSEA is a pre-professional organization of undergraduate and graduate students preparing for careers in education. As members, students are also a part of the Ohio Educational Association and the National Education Association. Monthly meeting are held to encourage dialogue with other professionals and to discuss current issues in education. Students from all licensure areas are welcome.

Kappa Delta Pi

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jeannie Ducher

Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education, is dedicated to scholarship and excellence in education. The Society is a community of scholars pledged to worthy ideas. Students from all licensure areas are welcome.

First Years for First Years

Faculty Advisor: Irene Kleiman

Miami students volunteer to work with Kramer Elementary School kindergartners on reading and writing by using literacy kits created by the group. Students perform this service-learning experience in the spring semester, where they volunteer once a week to help individual kindergarteners.

Miami International Student Organization for Education (ISOE)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lena Lee

Miami International Student Organization for Education was created to support members interested in exploring career opportunities and further understanding of professional teaching, US and global school systems, and American education. The student organization is open to any student interested in education, be it traditional classroom teaching or corporate training programs. The organization aims to assists in a smooth and successful transition, adjustment, and accomplishment from students to educational professionals who will contribute to American society as well as international schools and communities.​