Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement

What is the Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement?

The Middle Childhood Education (MCE) license covers two content areas (from language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies) in grades 4-9. The Generalist Endorsement is an optional add-on that allows a teacher to teach grades 4-5-6 in one or two additional content areas not on the original teaching license.

For example, a teacher licensed in MCE language arts and social studies may add on the Generalist Endorsement for 1) mathematics, 2) science, or 3) both mathematics and science.

What courses must I take to obtain a Middle Childhood Endorsement at Miami University?

Course Requirements

What OAE Content Tests must be taken?

For any MCE License, a candidate must pass the OAE Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Middle Childhood (4-9) – test #002 (minimum score 220.)

A candidate must also pass the two specialty tests that match the two areas of concentration:

  • Middle Grades English Language Arts, test #028 (minimum score 220.)
  • Middle Grades Mathematics, test #030 (minimum score 220.)
  • Middle Grades Science, test #029 (minimum score 220.)
  • Middle Grades Social Studies, test #031 (minimum score 220.)
For the Generalist Endorsement, a candidate has two options: 1) take and pass the specialty test(s) for each additional area of concentration, as shown above, or 2) take and pass both of the OAE Elementary Education tests (#018 & 019) (minimum score 220.)